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Our Objective: A Professional And A Well Trained Notary Public

Since the establishment of the American Notary Group in 1995, our primary objective has been to enhance the professional image of California’s notaries. We have provided our members and clients with the necessary tools, including the essential notary education, information, training, notary supplies and technical support that a professional Notary Public needs in order to perform successfully and efficiently his or her official duties.

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A Helping Hand: Understanding the Notarization Process

The American Notary Group is helping the general public understand the important role of a Notary Public in our society. We are very proud of our members, whose commitment is to help the general public during the performance of their official duties. The general public is encouraged to contact us regarding any question about the notarization process.

Introduction to the American Notary Group

– American Notary Group is a State-authorized notary seal manufacturer and a State-approved notary education provider.

– American Notary Group is a State-approved Notary Education Provider. Our notary education courses are state-approved and meet the State of California required guidelines for the mandatory notary education.

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